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Adelaide is the capital of the Australian state of South Australia, and is located on a flat plain between the Adelaide hills to its east, and the broad, sandy beaches of its coastline to the west.

It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and its modest size allows a variety of cultural and epicurean delights to be located within walking distance of the Conference venue, the Adelaide Convention Centre. The average maximum and minimum temperatures for November are 23 and 13 degrees Celsius, respectively. Daylight Savings is in place at the time of the Conference, with sunrise around 06:15 and sunset at 19:45, allowing ample time for daytime activity at the conclusion of a day's attendance in the Conference venue.

The Adelaide Convention Centre is located on the banks of the River Torrens, which runs roughly east-west through the city. On the other side (south) of the Centre is North Terrace, one of the main streets that bounds the city itself. The Conference venue, and the Conference's recommended hotels, are only about 6.8km by road from Adelaide Airport. Depending on the time of day, transit time by taxi from the airport can be as short as 15 minutes or so.

Travelling to Adelaide

From the airport


What's nearby

Travel within the city


The information given here regarding flights should be taken as guidelines only; please ensure that you check all details with local travel experts before making any firm decisions regarding your travel arrangements!

Adelaide is readily accessible from around the globe via air travel.

The image below gives an estimate of the flight time (not total travel duration) from various departure locations to Adelaide. Please note that the destination is shown as Adelaide for all journeys, even for trips involving connecting flights.

Some of these flights are direct, whilst some involve connections; please see the tables further down the page for more details of each (correct as of the time of obtaining the details).



Adelaide is serviced by some 45 direct international flights per week, with carriers including Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar, and Emirates. Please see the accompanying table for further details.

Departure location Flights per week Duration
Singapore 6 7h15m
Kuala Lumpur 4 7h10m
Hong Kong 5 8h40m
Auckland 6 4h55m
Dubai 7 12h30m
Doha 5 12h45m
Guangzhou 5 10h
Denpasar 7 4h55m


Other departure locations are serviced by connecting flights to Adelaide; for example, from your "local" airport to one of the direct-flight locations listed above. The table below lists connections from the stated departure locations to either the above-listed direct-flight airports, or other Australian airports (from which a connecting flight to Adelaide will then be required).

Other connections will be avilable and, of course, consult your local travel experts when organising your flights- use the information here only as a guide.

Departure location Connecting location Flights per week from connecting location
Bangkok Singapore 21
Beijing Sydney 24
Dubai Melbourne 29
Frankfurt Dubai 7
London Dubai 21
Los Angeles Melbourne 24
New York Hong Kong 15
Paris Dubai 7
Singapore Melbourne 37
Toronto Hong Kong 5
Rome Dubai 7
Johannesburg Sydney 14
Mumbai Dubai 14
Shanghai Sydney 11
Taipei Hong Kong 34
Tokyo (Narita) Melbourne 11
Tokyo (Haneda) Sydney 25
Buenos Aires Auckland 3
Santiago Sydney 11
Vancouver Hong Kong 5


There are a number of options for travel between the airport and your hotel/conference venue.

There is a managed taxi rank just outside the airport terminal, and, of course, a taxi will take you directly to your destination. Depending on the time of day and traffic conditions, travel times between the airport and the conference locality can be as short as around 15 minutes for the 6.8km journey.

Alternatives include a shuttle bus that runs at regular times between the airport and the city; however, it does not run along North Terrace, and the nearest stop to the Convention Centre will involve an approximately 10-minute walk.

Please refer to this site for more detailed information.


The Australian dollar (AUD$) is the currency used throughout Australia. Since the exchange rate between the AUD$ and other currencies is rather variable, we cannot state a definitive conversion- please check the exchange rate at the time at which you will need to make any pre-conference payments, and at the time at which you will obtain cash in the local currency.

Most shops and venues will take at least some of the major credit cards, but do be aware that cash is preferred on occasion, and it is always a good idea to have some on hand for smaller purchases, or for times when payment by card is not an option.

Please do be aware that some dining venues do not allow the splitting of bills- if dining with a number of colleagues, you may need to work out who will pay the full bill, and how that person will then be reimbursed by your fellow diners...


The conference locality is located within walking distance (up to a maximum of around 1.5km) of a number of areas of cultural, epicurean and shopping interest...

On the image below, cultural/educational areas are in purple; dining areas are in yellow; the main (pedestrian-only) shopping area (Rundle Mall) is in blue. The conference venue is in green. North is to the top, and east to the right.

CULTURAL/EDUCATIONAL (purple areas on the image below)

University of South Australia Museum of Discovery : 180m west on North Terrace (not shown)

UniSA City West campus : 300m west on North Terrace (not shown)

University of Adelaide : 980m east on North Terrace

University of South Australia City East campus : 1200m east on North Terrace

Adelaide Festival Centre : 500m north-east

State Library of SA : 790m east on North Terrace

State Museum of SA : 840m east on North Terrace

Art Gallery of SA : 920m east on North Terrace


DINING (yellow areas in the above image)

Located just lakewards (north and a little east) of the conference venue, Regatta's Bar and Kitchen is the closest dining location outside of the conference venue itself.

In the foyer of the building that houses the UniSA Museum of Discovery (180m west, on North Terrace), the Food Lore cafe offers a sit-down option for lighter meals as well as take-away coffee.

The various hotels along North Terrace will also have their own dining areas, and are located nearby.

Further afield, the restaurants, cafes and bars of Gouger Street and Chinatown (1300m south) offer a variety of options, with the Adelaide Central Market, on the east end of the street, also being a popular meeting place for lighter meals (but please check its opening times first).

Rundle Street East (about 1300m slightly south of east) is another major dining area, again with a wide variety of styles.

Gouger Street and Rundle Street East are the major dining strips but, of course, many other venues abound throughout the city.

Please note that tipping is not typically undertaken in Australia.

SHOPPING (blue area on the above image)

Rundle Mall (starting about 690m south-east from the conference venue) is the central business district's main shopping strip, and has pedestrian-only access. Within the larger buildings, a number of cafe and eating options may also be found. Adelaide Arcade, running off the Mall, is a fine example of Victorian-era arcade design.


Trams and buses provide the only public transport options within the central city area.

Trams: the nearest stop is "City West", and is located just west of the Convention Centre. From that stop, you have two choices of tram route: Botanic (which runs east/west and extends to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens at its eastern end), and Glenelg (which turns south into King William Street, and then runs south out of the city).

Within the city (between the Entertainment Centre and South Terrace stops; or Botanic Gardens in the east), travel is free, and the tram will stop at all stops. Outside the city, a fare is required, and you must request the tram to stop.

Trams come every 10 minutes from 07:00 to 19:00, 15 minutes from 19:00 to 21:00, and 20 minutes until 23:40. Please see the timetables and maps available at the AdelaideMetro website.

Buses: the 98A and 98C, and 99A and 99C buses provide free transport around Adelaide and North Adelaide, but only the 98A and 98C have stops near the Convention Centre. This is Stop 1, and is on Montefiore Road, which is actually the bridge immediately west of the Convention Centre. ("A" indicates an anti-clockwise route, with north as 12 o'clock, and "C" denotes a clockwise route.)

To get to Stop 1 for 98A (anti-clockwise loop, so heading south from this stop), the stop is on the east side of Montefiore Road, and can be accessed either from the upper levels of the Convention Centre, or across North Terrace and up some stairs to the bridge, and then walk north to the stop.

For Stop 1 and 98C (clockwise loop, so heading north from this stop), the stop is on the west side of Montefiore Road; you can walk a block south to Hindley Street, cross Montefiore Road there, head north again (!), and then walk on the footpath over the bridge to reach Stop 1 on the western side of the bridge.

The issue here is the Montefiore Road, at this location, is a bridge across North Terrace, and there is no immediate, controlled pedestrian access from the Convention Centre to the western side of the bridge.

For timetables and maps, please see here, and select the 98A, 98C, 99A or 99C routes.

Why use any of these?

The Botanic tram can get you to/from the Convention Centre and the cultural precinct and the east end of town, near Rundle Mall, and Rundle Street East.

The Glenelg tram can get you to/from the Convention Centre and the western end of Rundle Mall, and then Gouger Street and the Central Market.

The 98A and 98C buses can get you to/from Central Market and Gouger Street, as well as North Adelaide, and, with a longer journey around the city, to the eastern side of the city, e.g. to Rundle Street East.

A little further afield, the Glenelg tram is a very direct way to get to the coast and our beaches, as it runs directly to the suburb of Glenelg, which is a prime spot for a seaside visit at any time of the year.

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